No global leader raised any questions about polls: PM Sheikh Hasina


Published on February 24, 2024
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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today said no global leader raised any concerns or questions about last month's general election during her recent visit to Germany.

"No one said anything about the election. They don't have any concerns or questions regarding the election," she said, replying to a question at a press conference in her official residence Gono Bhaban.

The press conference was held to discuss the outcomes of her recent trip to Germany to attend the Munich Security Conference.

The prime minister said bilateral issues dominated the agenda of her meetings with global leaders, held on the sidelines of the conference.

"None told me anything about the election as they knew that I would come back winning the election," she said.

Not naming anyone, she said there is a country where the election is called free and fair despite it takes 12-13 days to declare the poll results.

How come? In Bangladesh, the election is not free despite its results being announced within 24 hours (of the balloting), she said.

The prime minister went to Munich on February 15 and returned home on February 19.

During her stay in Munich, Hasina attended the Munich Security Conference and held meetings with global leaders on the sidelines.

Sheikh Hasina also said that her participation at the conference reflected Bangladesh's strong commitment to peace, sovereignty, and overall global security.

She said she told the world leaders that the strength of the policy of a country - not the size - is the way to political and socio-economic freedom.

"Besides, through the bilateral meetings with friendly countries and international organisations the continuation of the relations has become stronger and new horizons of cooperation have been unleashed," she said.

The prime minister said that while speaking at the high-level panel on 'From Pocket to Planet: Scaling Up Climate Finance' she called for an immediate end to all hostilities, illegal occupations, and inhuman killings of unarmed people, especially women and children, in Gaza and the rest of the world.

"I drew everyone's attention to the fact that the adverse effects of economic sanctions and counter-sanctions are felt far beyond the battlefield," she said.

In this context, she urged everyone to make available and implement the necessary logistics and financing to address the risks of climate change by ending the senseless arms race.

"In the crisis of humanity's existence, I presented this harsh reality that petty interests only bring misery."

Hasina said that she called on the world leaders to work together to seriously consider the financing needed to address the challenges posed by climate change.

"I placed special emphasis on increasing financing for affected countries and populations, the actual transfer of pledged funds, and ensuring financial and technical assistance to vulnerable countries to address the multiple security risks posed by climate change."

She called for the swift implementation of the political commitments of rich countries and for all concerned to work together based on mutual partnership and cooperation to address the global risk of climate change.

Qatar Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani during his talks assured  Qatar's continued support for a sustainable and quick solution to the Rohingya problem.

"Besides mutual trade and investment, LNG supply was discussed. We also discussed the need to work together to end Israeli violence in the Gaza Strip," she said.