Terror Of BNP Jamaat Exposed Like Daylight


Published on March 30, 2015
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In scores of hit-and-run arson attacks, almost every day, since the out-of-sorts Bangladesh Nationalist Party launched its farcical “peaceful” programme about a month back, 49 innocent lives were burnt to death, and 331 suffered burn injuries.

Admitted at the DMCH burn unit, the victims were making the air thick with their blood-cuddling screams day and night. As of March 31, 2015, 98 people have been killed including the burn victims. More than a thousand people have been injured, including with severe burn injuries and physical mental, 1765 vehicles (including passenger buses, trucks, mini-vans, private cars etc) have been torched and 816 vehicles have been vandalized. 17 incidents of railway sabotage took place, resulting in derailment of trains, subsequently killing and injuring passengers. Waterways are also been terrorized as 8 water vessels have been put on fire.

According to media reports, a spate of terrorism that plagued the country for close to two months, ahead of January 5 elections last year had earned BNP Jamaat ally the terror tag for unleashing mindless targeted attacks on police, public properties, and people, minorities to be precise, over the war crimes trials. 42 people were killed, 33 of them in arson attacks, and 345 injured then, exposing the character of BNP Jamaat goons. Likewise, for the better part of last month, Shibir men partnering with BNP hogged the headlines by beating up policemen, torching public vehicles and properties and killing people, exploding bombs, felling trees on roads and uprooting railway tracks in different parts of the country.

In this report, we have compiled all the news articles, carried by the leading national dailies, revealing BNP Jamaat men were caught by police and common people before or after they instigated arson or bomb attacks. This complication also presents the incidents where police caught BNP Jamaat men with explosives.

Over last 70 days of the ongoing spate of blockade, till March 31, at least 231 rioters of Shibir, student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami, a party that opposed the country’s independence and a key ally of Bangladesh Nationalist Party, were caught by law enforcers and common people while fleeing after carrying out bomb or arson attacks on police or public transports. Some of them were also arrested from their dens with large haul of explosive materials. While at least 132 BNP leaders and activists were killed and 3 Jamaat Shibir men died and at least 14 injured themselves while trying to explode and make petrol bombs across the country

On March 27, Police and BGB in a joint raid recovered a time bomb, eight crude bombs, 10 petrol bombs and five bullets from the roof of a building in Fatickchhari upazila.

A day before, The Rapid Action Battalion arrested four operatives of banned militant outfit Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh in the capital's Dakhkhin Khan area. An Arges grenade, some petrol bombs and bomb-making materials were recovered during the raid
Police, on March 23, arrested a leader of banned militant outfit Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) with explosives and grenade-making materials in Chittagong city. Grenade-making materials, a detonator, 200gm gunpowder, 250gm potassium, three crude bombs, electronic cables and Jihadi books were recovered from the house.

In different raids, police also detained eight BNP-Jamaat activists from different parts of the capital for their involvement in subversive acts. Members of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) in an overnight drive detained two persons with arms and bullets in Chittagong. The detainees Shahjamal alias Boma Dilip and Tajul Islam Rony are activists of the BNP.

Just a day before , Police in overnight drives arrested five BNP and Jamaat-Shibir men from different areas of Sitakunda upazila in Chittagong for their alleged links with subversive activities.

In another incident, a team of Rapid Action Battalion-10 detained a BNP activist in possession of 20 crude bombs and as many firebombs in Jatrabari on March 20.

In Rajshahi, a mob caught red-handed a local BNP activist and beat him up after he exploded two crude bombs inside the GPO office in the city. In Chittagong, police in a drive arrested an activist of Jamaat-e-Islami in Lohagara upazila and recovered a homemade gun and two bullets from his possession.

The Islami Chhatra Shibir had been using Chittagong College and Government Hazi Mohammad Mohsin College as their arsenals for more than three decades. On March 18, Police recovered nine firearms and a large cache of ammunition and bomb-making materials from inside a hole near a staff dormitory of Chittagong College. During the raid, cops detained 80 activists of Shibir, and Abdul Wadud, finance secretary of Sramik Kalyan Federation, a pro-Jamaat labour organisation. In another raid , law enforcers recovered an AK-22, a three-nought-three rifle, a double-shot and three single-shot rifles and three foreign pistols as well as five rocket flares, 64 bullets and 25 cartridges kept in the hole.

A day before, in Jamalpur, BNP activists were picketing at the bazar around noon and assaulted Sujan Miah, vice-president of Sarishabari poura unit AL, when he was passing through the area.

On March 8, Chittagong police busted three dens of the pro-Jamaat students' platform Shibir, at a remote hilly area of Nunachhara under Sitakunda upazila in Chittagong. During the six-hour drive, they recovered 70 petrol bombs, 50 crude bombs, four light guns, three rocket flares, 24 cartridges, and 12 locally made weapons.

In Chapainawabganj, law enforcers rounded up 37 Jamaat-Shibir men and recovered eight petrol bombs and three crude bombs from two upazilas conducting separate raids on March 4. Six crude bombs were recovered from three markets in the town.

In Birampur upazila, locals caught an activist of Birampur Chhatra Shibir unit with a petrol bomb at the diabetes hospital intersection around when he and three others were attempting to hurl petrol bombs at a truck on the Dinajpur-Dhaka highway. Two persons were arrested in Thakurgaon and eight rounds of bullets were seized from their possession in Bhajanpur village of Tentulia.

In Naogaon, police recovered 28 abandoned crude and petrol bombs from Tazer More of Par Naogaon area.

On March 2, four blockade supporters were nabbed after they blocked the highway with a log, hurled bombs and fired at a police patrol.

Law enforcers, a day before, caught a blockade supporter, raided his den and recovered 25 petrol bombs in Faridpur. On the same day, three BNP activists were caught red handed while fleeing after setting the bus on fire in a Rajshahi.

An activist of Jamaat-e-Islami student wing, on February 28, had his wrist blown off in an explosion while making bombs inside his residence. Members of law enforcing agencies arrested a blockader with six petrol bombs and four cocktails in the port city.

Meanwhile, Rab-11 detained four people with five petrol bombs, 17 homemade bombs, and 200 pieces of Yaba pills at Chaumohani of Begumganj upazila in Noakhali on February 26.

On February 23, police caught a Shibir activist red handed in possession of a cocktail in Rajshahi, a north-western district. They also raided the house of a Jamaat-e-Islami student wing leader and recovered several Jihadi Books (perching militancy) in a southern district of the capital.

Two days before, Enamul Kabir, member of Islami Chhatra Shibir, along with his two allies was arrested for planning to attack the state-owned oil depot in the port city. Two bomb-makers were hurt while making cocktails at a house in Chittagong.A college unit president of Islami Chhatra shibir was caught red handed when he threw crude bombs on a truck in Dinajpur.

An activist of Juba Dal, youth front of BNP, died in a blast while making bombs on February 19.

In Mymensingh, law enforcers, on February 13, arrested three Shibir activists from a mess with Jihadi books and leaflets in their possession.RAB raided a meeting spot of BNP Jamaat in Jehnidha and recovered 10 cocktails, two shutter guns and one machete.

On February 10, locals nabbed one MD Ruble, a rickshaw puller, red-handed after the latter exploded two cocktails before the Customs House building in Chittagong. In the face of interrogation, Rubel confessed that two BNP student wing leader gave him TK 800 for hurling the bombs.

In Barisal, on February 9, police arrested a Chhatra Dal activist on the charge of torching a fruit-laden pick-up in Agailjhara upazila and awarded the driver Tk 10,000 for saving three lives. Law enforcers in Gaibandha detained Shibir activist Taskinul Islam Swapan in Gaibandha Sadar upazila. Cops also recovered 22 crude bombs and bomb-making materials from his possession. Locals beat up two JCD activists for blasting crude bombs near Jagannath Hall and handed them over to Rab. The Rab later handed them over to Shahbagh police

In a pre dawn raid, Rab recovered five petrol bombs from the home of a former Chhatra Dal activist at Sakhipur upazila of Tangail.

A day before, in a heroic deed, a driver in Jhalakathi saved the passengers of his bus from a firebomb attack after he ploughed his vehicles through a group of arsonists led by Taijul Islam, Rajapur upazila unit president of Islami Chhatra Shibir. Police said Taijul and his associates threw a petrol bomb at the Dhaka-bound Eagle Paribahan bus when it reached Balaybari under police escort. As Taijul, having missed on his first attempt, was preparing to throw another, the driver drove right into them, injuring Taijul . Tajul was arrested while the driver was rewarded with Tk 10,000 by police for his heroic act. Meanwhile, at least 14 activists of the BNP, Jamaat and banned outfit Hiz but-Tahrir were detained from different areas in the capital, 25 in Chittagong and four in Dinajpur for plotting subversive activities, police said.
Two activists of Jubo Dal, youth front of BNP, on February 3, died after a truck ran them over while they were trying to hurl petrol bombs at the vehicle in Monirampur of Jessore. Police detained three Shibir men during a clash with cadres of Jamaat Shibir in the capital.
Thirteen people, including seven Islami Chhatra Shibir activists, were arrested carrying explosives in Chittagong in separate drives by personnel of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Hathazari police station. 24 petrol bombs, four crude bombs, lethal arms and bomb-making materials were recovered in the arrestees’ possession. In the capital, people caught another Shibir men after he set a bus on fire at Gulistan.

A day earlier, in Sirajganj, a local Jamaat leader Saidul Islam, secretary of Jamaat's Bakua union unit, who was injured during a drive by law enforcers, died at a hospital at Bakua village of Ullapara upazila where some Jamaat leaders were holding a secret meeting two days before. Four policemen were hurt in the incident and three bombs were recovered. In Noakhali, two activists of Islami Chhatra Shibir, pro-Jamaat students' body, were held with petrol and crude bombs when they tried to torch a three-wheeler at Napiter Pool.

In Sirajganj, police arrested three pickets after they blasted crude bombs targeting law enforcers. In the capital's Nilkhet, an activist of Jubo Dal, youth front of BNP, was detained when the latter tried to flee the scene setting a bus on fire, according to February 01 media reports.
In two separate incidents in Rajshahi and Chittagong, three activists of Islami Chhatra Shibir, the student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami, were caught red-handed while they were fleeing after hurling crude bombs at police. They also seized explosive materials weighing around 2 kgs on January 31.

On January 28, locals handed over to police two Shibir activists after they were caught trying to attack a vehicle at Kashipur Bilbabari in Barisal city.

In Chittagong, one Islami Chhatra Shibir activist Sabbir Hossain Nakib, 20, from Chakaria upazila was held and beaten up when he was trying to run away after exploding a crude bomb at Aamtala three days ago.

On January 24, locals caught and beat up a Shibir leader and his two associates when they were attempting to hurl petrol bombs on a passenger bus on the Dhaka-Narayanganj road. Of them, Shihabuddin Shihab, general secretary of Fatullah Shibir unit, later confessed his involvement in the incident.

An angry mob, on January 23, beat up two Shibir cadres in Rajshahi's Poba upazila after they torched a passenger bus, and handed them over to police.

A student leader of the BNP has died of wounds suffered during an explosion while ‘making bombs’ in a house at Old Dhaka’s Lalbagh.

On January 21, police arrested the Shibir president of Keshabpur upazila in Jessore with a petrol bomb and some explosive materials. On the same day, law enforcers arrested five leaders and activists of Shibir and seized 130 crude bombs, two liters of petrol, one kilogramme of gunpowder, and other bomb-making materials from a building in the capital.

Four days ago, in Chapainawabganj, the Rapid Action Battalion arrested three Jamaat-Shibir men with 1.05kg of gunpowder from Baroghoria area of Sadar upazila.

A Shibir activist, on January 14, was crushed to death by a truck when fleeing the scene of an arson attack in Chittagong. Police later raided the Darul Ulum Aliya Madrasha as most of the attackers ran inside it and picked up 34 more people. They also seized explosive materials weighing around 2 kgs.

Police also picked up three activists of pro-Jamaat student body Islami Chhatra Shibir in possession of petrol bombs in Pirojpur on January 10.

The marauding activists of Islami Chhatra caught two cops, snatched their arms and thrashed their head with the butt of the guns, leaving them critically wounded. They also tried to damage the guns before leaving those there. Five BNP-Jamaat activists were arrested and three crude bombs were recovered from the spot on January6, 2015. In Chittagong, Police detained BNP city unit president and general secretary raiding the city BNP office and recovered 15 petrol bombs.