Bangabandhu: From the earth to the stars


Published on March 19, 2019
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P R Biswas:

Most of the global leaders were influenced by their mothers. In the life of US President Franklin D Roosevelt, his mother helped him to take crucial decisions. But Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's early life was influenced by his father, whose two traits of character he regarded as exemplary: honesty and foresightedness.

The Leadership Traits Research Study shows that Sheikh Mujib displayed two main qualities, which would one day make him the central figure in politics, one was a hyperactive social conscience and another is over-riding passion for politics.

Former Resident Representative James J Novak said Mujib was brought up when India was undergoing an intense national struggle. He was not only influenced by AK Fazlul Haq and Husein Shaheed Suhrawardy but also by Subash Chadra Bose. He was inspired by the circumstances in those days.

In student life, he came under the influence of Subhash Bose. He was in close touch with Netaji's elder brother Sarat Chandra Bose. As a result, Mujib got inspired his ideals on anti-imperialist struggle and participated in the movement for the removal of the Holwell Monument in Kolkata, according to the Leadership Traits Research Study.

Mujib was imbued with the values and ideals of the British humanist liberal tradition, which included gradualism, adaptability, adjustability, peaceful progress, resilience and supremacy of reason and rational norms. These qualities went to constitute Mujib's mental make-up, his habits, his like and dislikes, and above all his leadership traits, the research study showed.

Bangabandhu's father guided him in his early life, together with the ideology of contemporary regional and international political leaders, made Mujib as a leader of masses. His sacrifice and qualities of leadership made him the variable symbol of the emergence of Bangladesh.

In course of time, Bangabandhu inherited a boundless loyalty to revolutionary will, unexampled driving energy, fidelity to principle, unshaken in adversity and uncompromising spirit of fighting against enemies of the people and warm love for the people.

British MP James Lomond said, "If Mujib had the chance of leading his country for five years, the history of the country would have been different. With those of us with whom he had personal relationship we can never forget his memory.

Source: Daily Asian Age