Khaleda Zia's Regime 2001-2006: Identified Murderers Used to Surround Tarique Rahman in Bogra


Published on February 20, 2023
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Tarique Rahman, a senior member of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and the son of Khaleda Zia, roamed Bogra town with identified murderers from 2001 to 2006. One incident that gained widespread attention was the public beating to death of Juba Dal activist Mohan on November 22, 2006, in a BNP party conflict. Although video footage identified two BNP members and one from Islami Chhatra Shibir as the culprits, BNP leaders close to Tarique stalled the trial process with his help. Tarique even formed his own special force with these murderers, especially with the help of BNP MP and terrorist godfather Helaluzzaman Talukdar Lalu, conducting armed showdowns with them in Bogra every month.

During the caretaker government on February 14, 2007, photos of this racket of murderers responsible for Tarique's security shocked the country. Accused of the Mohan murder case, Municipal Commissioner Himu and Harunur Rashid Saju, General Secretary of Sadar Upazila Jubo Dal, continued their campaigns with terrorist forces in the area. BNP's Ward President Zahurul Islam Dolu, one of Mohan's killers, was also accused in the murder of Anwar in a BNP office in 1997, and BNP's nephew Milon was one of the accused in the murder case of Juba Dal man Thandu and Shah Sultan College student Suman. Shibir cadre Mizan still used to carry weapons openly.

Tarique also gave a contract to Musharraf, who was accused of killing Jubo Dal activist Touhid. As a result, Touhid's brother Juba Dal's district organizing secretary Tariqul could not seek justice because the murderers were safe under the influence of Tarique Rahman.

Bogra district BNP publicity secretary Shokarana also began the politics of terror by killing Jasad activist Kibria. During the caretaker government, relief goods worth lakhs of taka were recovered from the personal warehouse of millionaire Shokrana. In addition to murderer Musharraf, Shokrana and many intimate pictures of Tarique were found with BNP leader Noor Mohammad, who was arrested by law enforcement agencies for drug dealing. This Noor Mohammad was also one of the accused in the murder case of Jasad Chhatra League leader Lucky.

Most of those who killed Jasad leaders in Satmatha from Chhatra Dal's public procession went with Tarique, according to the then Jasad Chhatra League president advocate Abdul Latif. These murderers became influential leaders of the BNP, owning crores of money and establishing a reign of terror along with extortion in the area. Tarique himself assigned the responsibility of Gabtali to Milton and Natun, who were arrested for drug dealing and multiple murders. He also recommended that Natun be delisted from the top terrorist list of the Ministry of Home Affairs for murders over tender manipulations.

Terrorist Chaku Liton, who was identified for black-marketing the dealership of fertilizers, was arrested for extortion by the police but was released on the recommendation of Tarique's trusted leader Helaluzzaman Talukdar Lalu. Since then, these murderers are regularly seen by Tarique's side in Bogra as his security guards. Accused of murdering motor worker Manik, Palli Mamun, Ward No. 1 Commissioner of Bogra and accused in half a dozen murder cases Himu, Ward No. 11 Commissioner accused of twin murders Shipper, and top terrorists Hiru, Zakir, and Amirul used to roam with Tarique Rahman in Bogra.

Tarique used to supervise government work and distribute misappropriated funds among these terrorists in front of the administration and police every month when he went to Bogra. As a result, more than 20 murders were committed in Bogra alone during the five years from 2001 to 2006 during the BNP-Jamaat alliance, but none of them could be prosecuted. As the killers were all known as 'Vaiyar Lok' or left-hand men of Tarique and regularly flocked with him in Bogra, the law enforcement forces were helpless against this gang of organized killers-rapists, extortionists and terrorists.