BNP more focused on ballot stuffing, capturing state power than on public safety: Sajeeb Wazed


Published on May 16, 2023
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Prime Minister’s ICT Affairs Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy has said historically, BNP holds a sordid record of refraining from standing beside people especially during mighty disasters that swept across the county.

“It can be safely said the party is more focused on ballot stuffing and capturing state power than on public safety,” he said in a Facebook post from his verified account.

As the cyclone Mocha hit Bangladesh fiercely, the entire state machinery, alongside Awami League, undertook an all-out evacuation scheme, Joy said.

But, Bangladesh Nationalist Party leaders and activists turned a blind eye to safety of people in the costal belt who were prone to the disaster, he mentioned.

“And such apathy to public welfare is nothing new on part of BNP,” Joy said in his Facebook post that contained a video.

“Take a look at this video and decide if BNP really takes public safety into account,” he said.