BNP Rallies Threatening to Assassinate Sheikh Hasina, Awami League Supporters: Plotting Terror over Upcoming Elections


Published on June 18, 2023
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When any general election comes, the BNP leaders and activists indulge in killing people. BNP high-ups issued special instructions to create panic among people by killing and sabotaging grassroots leaders and activists. In that continuation, BNP is once again creating an environment for violence against the leaders and activists of Awami League and its affiliated organizations across the country ahead of the upcoming general elections. The announcement to kill Sheikh Hasina and Awami League supporters publicly in two rallies on June 16 and May 19 is a reflection of the party's long-standing violent character. However, this time they are taking maximum preparations to carry out terrorism and killing sprees across the country during the elections.

On 16 June in the presence of BNP’s secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, its district unit Joint General Secretary Rashedul Islam Ranjan chanted slogans announcing to kill Sheikh Hasina in a rally in Sirajganj. After welcoming the chief guest Mirza Fakhrul, special guests Rumin Farhana and Iqbal Hossain Tuku, BNP leaders and activists vowed to assassinate Sheikh Hasina on the microphone in front of all. They also announced to kill the Awami League supporters all over the country.

BNP’s central leaders provoked the local leaders while shouting slogans to kill people in Sirajganj. Earlier, Rajshahi district BNP convener Abu Saeed Chand publicly threatened to kill Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and leave her in the graveyard in a BNP rally in Rajshahi on May 19. After that, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir also announced to oust the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in a rally in front of BNP's central office in Nayapaltan on May 20. Even Mirza Fakhrul once again threatened to throw out the elected Awami government in any way in another program at Dhaka Reporters Unity on May 21.

The BNP high command has always tried to bypass democracy, ignore public opinion, and seize power through muscle power. This time, they are preparing for the highest level of terror across the country, focusing on the upcoming parliamentary elections. On the instructions of BNP acting chairperson Tarique Rahman, the senior BNP leaders are going from district to district and implementing the blueprint to brainwash ordinary people.

Why BNP repeatedly announcing massacres? What’s behind it?

BNP is nothing but an organized gang of miscreants in the guise of a political party. During their tenure in power from 2001 to 2006, they lost people's trust for their massacres, humiliation of women, rape, looting of state and citizens' resources, extortion, and coercion.

Even later in the opposition, BNP killed hundreds of people by throwing petrol bombs on moving buses and setting fire to the houses of sleeping people in 2013 and 2014. Hundreds of thousands of people have been permanently crippled by their barbaric attacks.

During the 2018 general elections, BNP violently attacked many polling stations to seize the state power unconstitutionally by looting the ballots. At least 11 people including law enforcement personnel lost their lives in their brutal attacks.

Since then, BNP has tried to create communal violence across the country to spoil the golden jubilee celebrations of Bangladesh's independence. BNP leaders Aman Ullah Aman, and Mirza Abbas continuously created the contexts to carry out riots with their religious incitement. Even last year on October 8, 2022, in a rally in Segunbagicha of the capital, Amanullah called upon the BNP leaders and activists to sacrifice their lives by attacking the Awami League supporters through misinterpreting religion.

Also on October 10, 2022, BNP Publicity Secretary Shahiduddin Chowdhury Annie threatened to seize state power unconstitutionally through muscle power at a BNP rally in Laxmipur. He said the country would run on the orders of Khaleda Zia from December 10.

Please notice, BNP leaders and activists have been conveying a message to the grassroots for the past few years. And that is to carry out violence and killings of the people and Awami League leaders and activists. The BNP top brushes are preparing their leaders and activists for sabotage across the country as reflected by their public threats in Rajshahi and Sirajganj to assassin Sheikh Hasina.

BNP top leaders know that they cannot bring ordinary people to their side in any democratic movement. They have totally failed in their so-called mass rallies in different divisions. The party has been completely isolated from the public mind through unlimited torture while in power and killing people by fire and bombing even when it was in the opposition. Ordinary people get scared when they hear the name of this party.

And since the journey of BNP, its top leaders are used to playing with the blood of ordinary people. They even destroyed the country's democratic institutions. They also killed 24 Awami League leaders and activists by attacking the then-opposition party leader Sheikh Hasina with a grenade attack on August 21, 2004. Sheikh Hasina, fortunately, survived with injuries.

BNP has never been able to trust the people. So they never evaluate public opinion either. Therefore, Khaleda Zia tried to seize power by holding a one-sided election with only the Razakar and killers of Bangabandhu, excluding all political parties while still in the government on February 15, 1996. Even in 2006, while in power, the Khaleda-Tarique clique created a complicated situation like 1/11 by arranging the drama of the caretaker government. But the people of Bengal foiled their all ill attempts every time.

Bangladeshi people have repeatedly rejected BNP. In the free and fair elections in 2008, people voted for Awami League and Sheikh Hasina out of the desire to become a welfare state by rejecting BNP's corruption and terrorism. As a result, Awami League created history by winning more than two-thirds of the seats. Since then, BNP high-ups, in the name of the movement, have carried out terror and massacres in this country out of intense anger toward common people for not getting votes. But when Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced to resist them and protect ordinary people from their barbaric attacks, they embarked on a mission to kill Sheikh Hasina and carry out violence and massacres on Awami League leaders and activists across the country.

Why doesn’t BNP want an election environment, why do they want violence?

BNP's think tanks know very well that common people are not with them. The Awami League government ensured the social security of the people and established the rule of law. So common people do not want to go to any movement called by BNP.

People know that if BNP comes to power again, they will lose the environment of being safe in their homes like in 2001 to 2006. Also, BNP has never done agitation in the past in a democratic way, they can never do that. BNP movement means arson, violence, and killings and ordinary people are the main victims.

As a result, fear gripped the minds of the people towards BNP. Therefore, BNP is angry with the masses. BNP top leaders know that the masses will not vote for them. If the vote is fair, they always lose. Therefore, BNP has tried its best to destroy the fair voting environment in the past and is still doing it now. When the election comes, BNP's first goal is to destroy the environment by violence. After that, taking advantage of that chaos, their addiction is to seize power through vote robbery.

The country's democracy and economy have repeatedly faced crises due to the BNP's election-centric killings and violence in the name of politics. It is an old game of BNP to create a democratic crisis by taking away the voting rights of the people through violence. This time too they have indulged in that dirty game and made a well-planned plan to play cruel pranks on the countrymen. BNP wants to destroy the democratic process of the country by scaring people away from voting.

But since the Awami League government and Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina have announced that they will take maximum action if they are violent towards the people of the country, the assassins of BNP have made Bangabandhu's daughter Sheikh Hasina and Awami League leaders and activists their main target. After that, they will bury public opinion and democracy and attack the ordinary people with brutality.

So, beware of these violent BNP people, and warn others. Keep your community and the social system stable and in order. Help the Awami League government to create a good social environment for the future generation to grow up safely.