Deceiving People by Organizing Freedom Fighter’s Rally and Spirit of Liberation War


Published on March 26, 2024
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The proudest thing in the life of the Bengali nation is the liberation war of 1971. It is a matter of pride for anyone who can contribute even a little to participate in the national liberation struggle of a nation. Our point of pride is that the people of this country participated directly and actively in the liberation war. The people of this country participated in the liberation war with the dream of establishing a liberal, democratic, equal society and state free from exploitation and deprivation. During the Liberation War, Pakistanis took all the necessary measures to annihilate a nation forever. That is why they killed the workers, teachers, intellectuals, and journalists of the country. It is the responsibility and duty of everyone to present the correct history of how the Bengali nation defeated those who wanted to wipe out the Bengalis.

People are enjoying the benefits of the democratic spirit with which the freedom war was fought 52 years after independence. BNP's freedom fighter rally on the eve of Bangladesh's Independence Day is nothing but show-off and hypocrisy, the intellectuals the political analysts think. Freedom fighters consider the Awami League as their ideological party. But in most cases, freedom fighters and children of freedom fighters and believers in the spirit of liberation war, also think that the time has come for the proper treatment.

By bypassing Bangabandhu's definition of a freedom fighter, we all have to bear the responsibility of making non-freedom fighters into freedom fighters and even the Rajakars into freedom fighters in the state organization through various confusing definitions and guidelines. Bangabandhu formed the Freedom Fighters Welfare Trust and entrusted about thirty nationalized profitable large industrial and commercial enterprises for the welfare of freedom fighters. He allocated a few acres of land near the Dhaka Zoo to provide medical services to the freedom fighters.

Several freedom fighters have been rehabilitated in the civil administration including the military, Border Guard, Police and Ansar forces. He also introduced a 30% quota for freedom fighters in republican jobs. On the other hand, a large number of freedom fighters went back to schools, colleges and universities. The remaining valiant freedom fighters also realized Bangabandhu's state financial helplessness and did not demand anything, as per the advice of the Father of the Nation, they returned to their respective positions.

However, Bangabandhu regarded the bravery and bravery of the freedom fighters as the highest honor and affectionately called them 'my golden son' and 'my red horse'. He had many more plans for freedom fighters in the future, all of which we know. After 1975, in the turn of political change, General Zia, General Ershad and the Khaleda-Nizami government did not evaluate the freedom fighters while they were in power for almost two and a half years. The freedom fighters did not expect anything from those governments in terms of ideology and consciousness. After coming to power on 23 June 1996, Sheikh Hasina was able to bring Bangladesh back to the spirit of the liberation war.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's government has given a little food to the poor freedom fighters and arranged to give them honors. Freedom fighters are also relieved and able to express themselves with respect today. The people are grateful to Bangabandhu’s daughter for awarding the title 'Hero' before the names of freedom fighters. BNP held a freedom fighter rally in the capital on the occasion of great independence and national day. It is not a common mistake to joke about the 53 years of achievements of the Bengali nation on the eve of Independence Day. Awami League General Secretary and Road Transport and Bridges Minister Obaidul Quader commented that this is not only an immoral act but also a criminal offence.

The sacrifice of 30 lakh martyrs and the freedom gained in exchange for the loss of honor of two lakh mothers and sisters is a unique day to create love and patriotism among the young generation. Ziaur Rahman tried to block the path of liberation that we started with the spirit of great freedom and liberation war and take it back to Pakistani ideology. We get proof of that when Bangabandhu's name was banned after Bangabandhu's assassination, Joy Bangla was banned, and Bangabandhu's March 7 speech was banned. Freedom fighters were killed all over the country. Freedom fighter officers were killed, and removed from the armed forces. Freedom fighters were insulted all over the country.

Al-Badar, Razakar, and Al-Shams chiefs, who were engaged in destroying this country, who committed war crimes, committed crimes against humanity, were in power. After the killing of Bangabandhu, freedom fighters were killed all over the country. The history of the liberation war has been completely distorted, BAKSHAL was accused of one-party rule and religion-based politics was introduced in the country in the name of multi-party rule. In an attempt to legitimize the usurpation of power from the pocket of an illegal power grabber, people from different parties have swallowed the remnants of power and are playing with people's rights.

Through the movement and struggle, under the leadership of the Awami League, the Bengali nation got the right to its language, got independence, Bengali got democracy, today Bengali has a better and more prosperous life, Bengali is moving forward on the way to realizing his dream. Independence of the country has been achieved by the hands of Bangabandhu. The development-progress-prosperity of the country has come under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina. In the month of victory and the month of independence, the number of martyrs of the liberation war is still mocked.

The liberation war was the war to free the Bengali nation from the shackles of exploitation. The spirit of the liberation war is the cherished dream of our Bengali nation, the dream of the spirit of a nation. This dream has stirred our hearts and inspired our dream to establish a sovereign state. Helped to realize the dream and accelerated this dream and accelerated a new hope. The spirit that united the Bengali nation to establish a democratic and non-exploitative society. We need to do more to spread this consciousness among the new generation.

The consciousness of the new generation should be sharpened. Those who have not seen the liberation war, but have heard it in the form of a story from an elder person in their family, from a teacher, from a leader, from a freedom fighter, or a book. We do not know how accurate that hearing or reading is or how extensive it is. An initiative can be taken by educational institutions. How successful are we to highlight the history of the liberation war? A distortion of history can give a nation nothing but destruction and confusion. Bringing the fact that the country became independent under the leadership of Bangabandhu to the new generation, especially the young generation. Which will inspire the new generation in patriotism.

The accurate history of the liberation war will be a source of inspiration for the new generation, we should start working now to sharpen this consciousness. Sheikh Hasina's dream is to take the country forward in the spirit of the liberation war and to give the people of the country a taste of development. The main goal was to write the history of the liberation war, to place Bangabandhu's existence in the history of the liberation war and to place him in a proper place of dignity. The great freedom struggle of Bangladesh promised to fulfill the basic rights of the countrymen such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is walking on the path of development, progress, and prosperity by facing various domestic and foreign challenges. She is making relentless efforts to build a progressive, democratic, and non-communal Bangladesh free from hunger and poverty. We always promise to build the country in the spirit of the liberation war, and we talk about the realization of Bangabandhu's dream, but the new generation has to understand, what is the nation building in the spirit of the liberation war. Bangabandhu's dream was to build a corruption-free country.

Building a non-discrimination society in a non-communal spirit. Ensuring food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care for all. The spirit of the liberation war, the spirit of the freedom fighters should be inculcated in the hearts of these young children. With their hands, this country will one day become a corruption-free, violence-free, discrimination-free Bangabandhu's Golden Bengal. The name of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, 3 million martyrs, martyred intellectuals, countless freedom fighters and millions of heroes and billions of Bengalis hoping for freedom are associated with the achievement of Bangladesh's independence. Which acted as one of the factors behind the independence of the country in just 9 months.

The major obstacle and failure in presenting the history of liberation war and independence correctly was the ongoing political and ideological differences in the country. Anti-independence groups have created major obstacles in presenting the correct and comprehensive history of the liberation war. In a word, they distorted the history of the liberation war. Some of them who were born in 1975 or later have known and learned the history of the liberation war from their family's political consciousness and the prevailing thoughts in society. This learning was our own. Since August 15, 1975, the history of the liberation war has been prevented from being fully presented by the then ruling class, who are not party to the liberation war.

Attempts have been made to erase the name of the architect of independence Bangabandhu from the history of Bangladesh. The side of the war of liberation could not, could not accept March 25 and other brutal killings. Basically, in this war of liberation, it was the opposition parties that divided the Bengali nation and it is still going on today. They continue to destabilize the country. The strategy is to push the country towards subjugation. The common people alone can stop this anti-freedom evil. This requires a clear and clear understanding and overall knowledge of the liberation war. Public awareness is needed.

Writer: Hiren Pandit; Columnist and Researcher